When my wife, Maria and I started our business 5 years ago, we wanted to have a warm, friendly place where families could enjoy fresh delicious Italian dishes, pizza and sandwiches.  Carmine’s has become a restaurant where families can do just that.  It is a place where family, friends and neighbors can meet and enjoy some good company and well prepared fresh food. Our customers have come to expect the freshest, most delicious food in the area.  When you come to Carmine’s, you can expect to be treated as part of the family. Whether you eat in or take out, you will find our hospitality speaks for itself.  

From May to September give your family a refreshing treat from our very own LIX Ice Cream/Water Ice.  Lix was established in 2003 in the Bala Cynwyd area where it still remains a summer tradition and gathering place for many families. We thank you, our customers for your continued support and patronage.

It is you, our wonderful customers that help keep the tradition of Carmine’s going in this growing community.  So come in and relax, enjoy a meal with your family and ours.  

~  Maria and Joe  ~